Skincare Bioactives

High value, anti-pollution ingredients that work!

It seems that we cannot stop the rise of urban pollution any time soon, so what we can do is up our game in protecting ourselves and our skin from external threats. Responding to pretty hefty effect of pollution on our skin, NUVI offers you the defensive anti-pollution collection specifically designed for city dwellers. 

Even if you are living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices, you can’t particularly get away with skin concerns. Pollution is everywhere, visible or invisible. Our skin is exposed to at least 224 harsh chemicals everyday! Hence to combat skin damage, you need to strengthen your line of defense by proactively nourishing your skin barriers.

Pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation, cigarette and car smoke, particulate matter, disruptive ozone, and smog can cause damage to the skin in the form of inflammation, hyperpigmentation and abnormal sensitivity. It also damages collagen production, weaken skin barriers and consequently accelerates skin aging. Not to mention indoor pollution - that is as much damaging as outdoor.