Who we are


NUVI Asia highly promotes authentic “clean beauty”. Our products are carefully formulated from the best of the nature’s active ingredients with a cutting-edge of science to develop clean formulas and tailor-made treatments to address specific skin concerns with precision and efficacy. We aim to provide nurture for your skin that we know is highly exposed to the harsh environment and free radical damages brought by urban lifestyle.

We all know that city lifestyle might give you a hard time for skincare routines, but with NUVI, minimal efforts come with maximum results in less time. Have the shield to fight skin aggressors everyday! Our products are designed to purify skin, protect against pollution and stress elements of city environment.

We also go beyond treating skin concerns and clearing skin. We focus on authenticity by connecting healthy body, sound mind and positive impact that will elude your natural confidence with peace of mind. Let's embrace the real you and feel the goodness within as much as what you wear externally.

NUVI products are made with natural ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free.




 Our philosophy defines us. We embody clean beauty always in all ways - formulations, packaging and impact. We pay close attention to every detail of our formulations to get exactly the best and healthiest skin you deserve while being non-toxic to our Mother Earth. Our products don't take shortcuts or even compromise its efficacy to save money.

Here's our Clean Commandments that serves as our guiding principles for a clean conscience and your peace of mind:

 1. Biocompatible

We consciously studied the formulations with the highest possible percentage of actives that will synergistically work with biocompatible natural ingredients that will deeply penetrate and work at full potency for any skin types. The collection contains specific formulas for each sets to ensure efficient targeting of skin concerns.

2. Clean Beauty

Experience the power of nature through our products. We avoid toxic elements and other harsh chemicals we believe are the roots of skin issues these days - chemicals like gluten, paraben and phthalates. We are also mindful especially with pH levels and active ingredient percentages to keep soothing experience.

3. Cruelty-Free

NUVI have not, and never will be, tested any of our products on animals. We keep our furbabies safe and totally out of the picture. 

4. 100% Vegan

Our products are made from naturally-sourced botanical ingredients and minerals. We are very much suitable for vegans with all skin types in mind.

5. Sustainable & Ethical

We continuously find ways to offer innovative solutions that has low impact on our environment - from sourcing recycled packaging materials to selected vegan ingredients